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Two Three weeks ago,

Three Four weeks ago,

In August, Barbarians Abroad perished in a fiery crash.

“In that case, how am I still reading it?” you ask. Okay, you got me.

When we left Japan, we transferred the website to “the cloud” so that you could continue to read about our adventures as we travelled. Apparently, the cloud rained on a parade somewhere. We temporarily lost everything written before our last back-up, and permanently lost anything written after that. Unfortunately, our last back up was in March before we left.

The good news is: I had not written more than a dozen entries since March, so I did not lose very much (who knew that being a lazy procrastinator would pay off so well?).

The bad news is: we are starting over from the beginning in order to keep this from happening again. A new template. New software. New protocols. There was almost a new programming language as well, but I had to put my foot down somewhere.

If you have been to the blog in the past week or so, you will have noticed an austere page proclaiming a simple message: “Barbarians not currently abroad.” The site existed in stasis, much as I imagine people in science fiction shows who occupy stasis chambers: bodies artifically kept alive, but dead in appearance.

Once we had a handful of re-written posts, we decided to bring the blog out of its chamber. The previously vibrant website currently lurches around zombie-esque. Recently resurrected, Barbarians Abroad is not fully alive yet. The main pieces are returning, but it may be awhile before it is fully back in all its usual finery and accouterments.

Please bear with us as we continue to re-write, re-work, and re-imagine the pages and posts. Soon the Barbarians will be roaming the countryside once more, lavishly sowing seeds of cultural confusion.

Sun 01 March 2015 Wed 15 February 2017
By Heather